Povijest Filozofije Boris Kalin Pdf Download

Zakljuciki Boris Kalina: Iz knjige: Etičke teme: Znanost učenja, znanost razvoja; analiza tog odnosa i srodnih tema; nasumična rasprava o promjenama u filozofiji. Boris Kalina is a Croatian philosopher and an author of numerous books. He writes on ethics, science education, and the relation between science and philosophy. Izdvojena politička teorija: izbor iz opusa autora; rasprava o promjenama u politološkoj misli na Zapadu; samo svjetovna inteligencija ne može pobuditi suvremenu društvenu revoluciju. Boris Kalin: Selected Political Theory: A choice from the oeuvre of the author: discussion on changes in political thinking at Western Europe; The theory of ordinary intelligence can not bring about a social revolution.

Philosophy, science and science education. Philosophy for young people. Philosophical texts and philosophical reflections. Studies in philosophy and philosophy for young people. Philosophical texts and philosophical reflections. About Boris Kalin: Zagreb, 2003., , 1470 pages, . 8. cm / 28 cm

The book is designed for two groups of readers: 1. the ones who could not find an occasion to read the author's work (Istorija filozofije). The target group is those who cannot find a text that would reflect on the philosophical heritage as a whole, regardless of their nationality or field of specialization. In this way, this book also serves as a guide to those who aspire to acquire some knowledge about the history of philosophy from within its context and from within its internal logic, regardless of whether they are interested in philosophy as a discipline or merely as a subject matter. 2. the ones who wish to go through the author's work systematically. The target group is those who already familiar with the author's work and want to go through it again in search of the essentials, but also in search of seeing things differently. There are many readers who still think that philosophy is something that cannot be taught to young people. By reading this book, they will learn how Kalin went about doing just that - teaching philosophy to young people in a natural way, appealing to their sensibility in their quest for knowledge and in their relation towards the world.

Boris Kalin was born on December 8, 1946 in Zagreb (Croatia).


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